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Business, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Investment Financing

At Canadian Mortgage Brokers we are qualified to arrange Commercial, Income, Industrial, and Investment Mortgages. We also arrange financing for your business needs. We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs, and then recommend financing options through conventional, institutional or private lenders.

We arrange funds for all types of Commercial Properties including:

  • Investment, and Income Properties.

  • Retirement Homes, and Nursing Homes. 

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Plazas.

  • Office Buildings and Stores.

  • Residential and Commercial Mixed use.

  • And much more!

Remember One Call Does It All!.

Contact Canadian right now, and get Canadian working for you today!.

Residential Mortgages

Is it the best rate? or the best rate available for you?


At Canadian we arrange mortgages for all Residential properties including both Homes and Condos. However as you know mortgage rates are in a constant state of flux. Rates that you may see on various web sites could very well be out of date by the time you apply for your mortgage. In many cases these websites do not differentiate on the rates for clients with specific needs or certain credit issues. While it is impossible for you, looking at different sites to be sure that the advertised rate is what you will end up with.


One thing that you must be very cognizant of is that some mortgages with very low rates may not come with the options or flexibility that you require. The only way that we can accurately quote you an interest rate is to discuss with you your particular situation. Everyone's needs and goals are different. Once we are aware and know precisely what is right for you, we will find you the best available mortgage product for your needs.


Do not forget! Not all mortgages are equal. Is it the best rate?, or the best rate available for you? Many sites advertise "Today's Best Rate". We at Canadian do not wish to mislead anyone therefore, contact us directly either via email or phone for an honest, professional discussion of your mortgage requests.

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